Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

A Spokane native, I grew up on Cataldo in the valley. I would get home from school as quickly as possible just to enjoy the nice weather, ride my bike over dirt jumps and see my friends. It was a care free time when the sun set late and the day started even later. People were mostly good and nothing was wrong with the world. Unfortunately, we all know that doesn't last.

In my early 20s I began to see the underbelly of society. It was most concerning to me when it reared its head into ordinary and good people’s lives. After joining the military, I relocated to the Middle East  and then eastern Europe where I served as a law enforcement officer. Some of my many responsibilities included anti-terrorism, counter surveillance, investigation, shift watch commander and training of new military police members as a field training officer. I was also responsible for the creation of various standard operating procedures (SOPs) and pre-planned responses (PPRs) to criminal or terrorist activity.

During my time with the service I noticed various problematic ways that training was conducted. For example the un-motivated and precarious response to major breakdowns in security plans, multiple catastrophic failures of security measures and the overall negative and toxic attitudes of many personnel I worked alongside. On many occasions I  would report glaring security deficiencies and would see the issues put on the back burner. They would be given very little thought or outright ignored.

After seeing these things, it was clear that only one thing could be done; take my ingenuity and skill-sets to the civilian sector. I hoped to make a real and tangible difference in the lives of those around me by bolstering their safety and security postures with a little training and preparation. In 2017 I gave the idea form by spending hours each day (and sometimes into the night) sketching security plans, residential layouts with sate of the art systems and even coming up with some breakthrough ideas along the way. I hope Check 6 will continue to grow, advance and make a real impact in the lives of Spokane residents, one property and one family at a time.

Mike Moglia

Mike Moglia

Owner, Check 6 Consulting

Spokane Washington