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Regardless of your work location, it can be incredibly difficult to look at your own facility or home through the eyes of a stranger. You already know all the security measures that are in place and may have fallen into a false sense of security. When a specialist comes in and looks at your existing defenses it can be surprising how many weaknesses are ultimately found. 

Why you should hire a consultant

Physical security is commonly referred to as barriers and equipment used to deter crime, attacks or unauthorized entry. But it is my belief that it encompasses so much more than just equipment and systems. It's a mindset and depending on your industry, a potential way or life.

I'm a firm believer that by utilizing the "show of force" method, we can almost certainly repel the most determined and steadfast attackers, regardless of the type of attack planned. From my time in the military I know that terrorists will reliably choose to avoid attacking any installation or area that they perceive to be a hardened and prepared installation or property. The same seems to go for the average criminal. If success is unlikely the subject will move on to another, easier target.

My aim is to transfer that knowledge to you by suggesting and testing the implementation of new systems, making changes to your existing infrastructure and continually monitor trends in your area in order to solidify your business or agency. 

As far as why physical security is necessary, you need not look any further than your local news headlines, although we do much more than that. We monitor crime waves using advanced crime mapping software that allows us to stay on top of what challenges are constantly in motion in your specific area (and county wide). 

As of 2016 Spokane made the list of the top 30 most dangerous cities in the United States. The impact of this can be easily seen as odds are very good that the majority of us have either been the victim of, or know the victim of a property or violent crime. If you choose to work with us we will put every effort into ensuring that you will not have to experience this in the future.  

We are a physical security consultation company. What this means is that when you notice that your facilities or property aren't quite secure enough for the ever changing swirl of uncertainty of life, you can call us. We will come out and look at the area in question as thoroughly as possible, evaluating weak points and policies to create a watertight approach tailored to the specific needs of your industry or neighborhood. We work with local businesses to recommend products to boost security and compound on your PHYSEC plan. Depending on the situation, we can even arrange for certain products to be custom made to fit your unique application.

What is physical security and why do you need it?

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