If you're here, the odds are good that either something

unfortunate has happened to you or someone you know, or you're making the wise decision to be prepared if something does happen at your residence or place of business.

In the world we live in bad things happen, that's the unfortunate reality we have to face. However, we have a choice in terms of whether or not we are prepared for what may (but hopefully doesn't) happen. I can tell you that if you choose Check 6 I'll do whatever I can to make your home or place of business as safe as possible.

Consultants are valuable assets to their employers for a few reasons. The first of them being that outside consultants are objective in nature. When we come in and examine your facility from the ground up, we see everything in the same way that a potential adversary would. We see the weaknesses and issues within security procedures that you may have grown accustomed to. Additionally, consultants are thorough. We look at every single detail before preparing our report and giving feedback. We want to know you're protected at home or in the workplace. 

As far as how we can help depends on what type of situation you're looking to address. For residential customers click here or jump up to the menu above. For commercial customers, click here or use the navigation menu.